The Sports Neurology Clinic challenges itself to be innovators in the sports neurology world. In order to be at the forefront of clinical care for patients, we also need to be at the forefront of research. We are dedicated to advancing the current understanding of brain health and injury in athletes. “Keeping life in motion” is essential for maintaining brain health and our research constantly pushes our knowledge forward to achieve this.

The Sports Neurology Clinic partners with the MORE Foundation, a non-profit research, education, and charitable organization, which helps to engage sponsors and execute clinical research studies.

The goals of The Sports Neurology Clinic’s research program are:

  1. Expand the knowledge of physiological changes in concussion
  2. Improve diagnosis and management of acute concussion
  3. Improve management and outcomes in post-concussion syndrome
  4. Study the potential long term effects of repetitive subconcussive impacts.

Our current research aims to increase our understanding of how head impacts may affect young athletes’ cognitive performance over the course of several years of playing. We hope to better understand how contact sports affect young athletes’ brains.

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The Sports Neurology Clinic is constantly expanding its research program. If you would like to discuss how you can aid in the progress of current or future studies

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The Sports Neurology Clinic is dedicated to building partnerships with sports organizations, private foundations, government agencies, product developers, and the general community to define the standards of clinical neurological care in athletes. Through sponsored research grants, public and private funding, The Sports Neurology Clinic works with its partners to engage in cutting-edge clinical and population-based research and participate in product testing and validation. Our mission is to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes, enhancing athletes’ performance and brain health.