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Neurological Pre-Participation Evaluations

The Sports Neurology Clinic believes that while concussions are extremely important injuries, long-term athlete brain health is the ultimate goal. We are pleased to offer Neurological Pre-Participation Evaluations (Neuro PPEs) to student athletes of all ages and levels of play within our local communities. Rather than simple “baseline testing,” our pre-season brain health evaluation provides critical information that will be used for comparison in the event of an injury, which allows for more effective diagnosis and return-to-play decisions.

We offer two versions of Neuro PPEs:

Neuro PPE Screening

is intended for healthy, contact sport athletes. This screening evaluation is recommended to be completed once every two years, unless there is a change to the athlete’s medical history or the athlete had a suspected/confirmed concussion within the past year.

Neuro PPE+

is equivalent to a comprehensive new patient visit in our clinic and is recommended if the athlete has a history of one or more of the following:

  • Concerning concussion in the past
  • Migraine or other headache disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Seizure/epilepsy
Neuro PPE Comparison Neuro PPE Screening Neuro PPE+ Other Programs*
Personalized Neurocognitive Test The Sports Neurology Clinic The Sports Neurology Clinic Competitors
Screening Exam and History with a Sports Neurologist The Sports Neurology Clinic The Sports Neurology Clinic
Continuity of Care with The Sports Neurology Clinic The Sports Neurology Clinic The Sports Neurology Clinic
Comprehensive Consult and Exam with a Sports Neurologist
(includes complete medical history, sport activity, injury history, and future planning)
The Sports Neurology Clinic
Brain Network Activation Test (BNA™) The Sports Neurology Clinic
Total Time 20 Mins 90 mins 10-20 mins

*Most competitive programs only offer basic software testing. The Sports Neurology Clinic Neuro PPE’s include personalized neurocognitive and performance assessment for an unmatched continuum of care.

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