Brighton, Mich. (May 8, 2017) – Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, National Director for The Sports Neurology Clinic , co-authors newly released concussion guidelines as part of the 5th International Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport. The 2017 Concussion in Sport Group (CISG) consensus statement was created by a group of the world’s foremost concussion and sports neurology experts at the latest congress in Berlin, Germany October 2016. It builds upon the principles outlined in the previous statements and furthers conceptual understanding of sport-related concussion (SRC) using an expert consensus-based approach.

“I was honored to meet in Berlin with some of the world’s leading sports concussion experts to create a consensus statement that will help those who suffer a concussion, and the physicians that care for them,” said Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher, National Director for The Sports Neurology Clinic.  “There are four specific updates that we created which I’m confident will assist in the assessment, treatment and recovery of those experiencing a sports-related concussion.”

Dr. Kutcher highlighted the four specific updates which he believes will have a significant impact.

  1. Concussion Diagnosis: It is important to remember that signs and symptoms of concussion can also be the result of other conditions, and that a concussion and these other possible causes may overlap.
  2. Sideline Assessment: Like the previous assessment versions, the new concussion assessment tool (SCAT5) may be useful in the first 72 hours after injury onset, but it has less value beyond that.
  3. Recovery: Cognitive function should never be the exclusive criteria for any concussion management decision (ex: cognitive baseline test for return to play decisions).
  4. Redefining rest: Rest for a day or two, then get active…but remember, no contact sports until you have seen your physician. There is not sufficient evidence that long periods of complete rest/inactivity promote recovery.

The full Concussion Statement along with a list of the co-authors is attached. Dr. Kutcher is also available to answer questions from the media or participate in broadcast interviews upon request.

Dr. Jeffrey Kutcher is the national director of The Sports Neurology Clinic and a recognized pioneer and leader in the field of sports neurology. Dr. Kutcher founded the first sports neurology advanced clinical fellowship in the U.S. in 2012 and led the effort to create the Sports Neurology section of the American Academy of Neurology. He also serves as a team physician for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, the Director of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) concussion program and works as an advisor to the Players’ Associations of both the National Football League and the National Hockey League. He is the former founder and head of the University of Michigan’s NeuroSport clinic, and was the team neurologist for University of Michigan Athletics.