The Gold Standard in Baseline Testing

The concussion experts at The Sports Neurology Clinic set the gold standard for “baseline testing,” also known as “concussion testing.” Our approach goes far beyond the typical computer-based testing and considers all factors that contribute to an athlete’s neurological health.

Brain Health Baseline Testing is the best way to prepare in the event you suffer a concussion. Completing a proper baseline test will allow for a more effective diagnosis and return-to-play process.

At The Sports Neurology Clinic, we understand that each concussion, and each patient, requires an individualized approach. We believe in using a unique and comprehensive assessment, and model this through our personalized, case-by-case approach to patient care. Knowing how your brain functions when you are healthy will give you a competitive edge to your recovery.

Performed by expert Sports Neurologists, Brain Health Baseline Testing at The Sports Neurology Clinic takes 15-30 minutes and collects the following information:

  • History: personal and family medical history, prior concussion history, sport activity
  • Neurocognitive screen
  • Concussion focused neurological exam

The Sports Neurology Clinic will maintain a copy of the Brain Health Baseline Test. Copies are available to the athlete and/or family upon request, at no additional charge.

Group rates are available. Please call us at, 810-522-6080, for more information.


Advanced Brain Health Baseline Testing

Some athletes will benefit from a more in-depth Brain Health Baseline due to pre-existing conditions or concerns. An advanced appointment with extended one-on-one time with our concussion expert Sports Neurologist provides a thorough assessment and opportunity for education. This is recommended if the athlete has a history of one of more of the following:

  • Prior concussion history
  • Migraine (or other headache disorder)
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Seizures/epilepsy

Not all baseline testing is created equal.

It is important to consider who will treat an athlete in the event that a concussion is suspected and what information will be the most useful to that healthcare provider. Unlike typical “baseline tests,” the information gathered in a Brain Health Baseline Test at The Sports Neurology Clinic is useful to any healthcare provider caring for a concussed athlete, without the burden of additional training or certification.

How often should an athlete have a baseline test?

The Sports Neurology Clinic recommends that Brain Health Baseline Testing be completed once every two years, unless there is a change to the athlete’s medical history or a suspected/confirmed concussion within the past year.